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Emergent Curriculum

Progamme Planning - Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum emerges from your child's interests and unfolds and changes each day.

As teachers we provide the resources, time, space and support for you child to explore, experiment and try things out.

This encourages your child to become an effective learner. Children are more likely to learn and engage in learning activities if their curiosity and imaginations are sparked by something they are interested in.

When your child is having a terrific, fascinating, inspiring, crazy, totally awesome time, they will not only learn more, but better.

Emergent curriculum is all about bringing the children to knowledge rather than bringing the knowledge to the child. This places your child in the driver's seat. This does not mean the teacher has no influence on what your child is exposed to or can pursue. Instead the teacher has a delightful dual-role of both introducing concepts to explore, as well as encouraging your child to investigate their own ideas.

Interest and experiences are not always predictable. The emergent curriculum is not something that teachers plan in advance, for it comes entirely from children in their general play.

Teachers use a process of 'noticing', 'recognising' and 'responding' to your child's interests, strengths and likes. Teachers are aware of teachable moments in which they can assist your child to extend this dimension of their play. Teachers will plan experiences based on the daily programme in relation to the current interests.

Parents input is always valued and you are welcome to contribute to your child's planning and keep us up-to-date on any interests that happen at home.

This way of planning is aimed at helping the children to develop greater skills, knowledge and understanding, as the ultimate goal is to help all children become competent and confident learners.

This plan will be filed into your child's e-profile with any supporting learning stories, observations and photos. A copy of this with supporting information will also be kept in the centres programming file.

"Through the Natural Would Our Children Will Learn & Grow"


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