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Nature Walks & Outings
Pre-school Titahi Bay

Pre-School Outings Around Titahi Bay

Your Child will often be taken on outings to the park, shops, library, Titahi Bay beach and harbour. This is a part of our pre-school program. At the time of enrolling your child, you will be asked to sign a permission formto cover any of these daily outings for the duration of your child's stay with us.

However, for any large outings i.e trip to the Zoo, you will be informed and asked to sign a Permission Form. These outings may sometimes incur a small extra charge for the bus hire.

Your child will always be restrained when in a private motorcar and there will always be at least 2 adults in the car.

The adult:child ratios on outings will be no more than 1 to 5, less if possible. Infants under 2 will have a ratio of 1 to 3.

Nature Walks:

"Young children thrive and their minds and bodies develop best when they have free access to stimulating outdoor environments for learning through play and real experiences".

What better classroom than being amidst the serenity and peacefulness of the open spaces such as bush, forest, beach and open fields. Where, in the toy free natural realm, the site itself provides the magic and fantasy.

The natural world is not only about physical development, it is a space to learn, that connects to all areas of the curriculum and with what better teacher than 'Mother Earth'.

After a visit to the Forest Kindergatens in Germany and Denmark, I discovered what the benefits this way of learning were and introduced this concept to my team.

The children are less stressed due to the tranquil environment, the noise levels are lower which can only be good for your child's health. Because children are outside more, it helps with their immune sytstem and children have less sickness. So it is with this and many more reasons that I along with my team want to share our passion and excitement for the outdoor classroom with your child.

Three times a week two teachers accompany 10 children on a great exploration to either the beach, harbour, bush or forest. We set off with lunch boxes and water bottles at 9am and return at 12noon. In these 3 hours your child will enter the outside world where there is something new to discover, "saga games" to continue, beings from the plant and animal kingdoms to get to know. And so your child's confidence, along with his or her imagination and inquisitive mind grow.

Back at the centre, friendships are stronger and the children are more creative and playful. There is less conflict, as the children are playing more co-operatively.

The preschool is filled with busy children, engaged in a variety of activities, supported by the teachers.

"Children Cannot Bounce off Walls if We Take The Walls Away"

       Guide Lines for Nature Walks


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