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Nature walks snack box ideas

Nature walk Morning Tea information:

We have put together some ideas for you to consider for your child's morning tea when on outings.

  • Fruit and/or Vegetables
  • Luncheon
  • Cheese Segments/slices
  • Sandwhiches - try different variety

Fruit and vegetables in season are cheap and filling. Always include at least one piece of fruit and/or vegetables such as corn on thecob, carrot, cucumber slices, celery or cold cooked potato.

Your child will need to bring a drink bottle with water only please.

Your child doesn't need a whole lunch size, remember it is only a snack. Lunch will be waiting for them at the centre when they get back.

Food that is not appropriate:

  • Roll ups
  • Lollies/chocolate bars
  • Chippies
  • Anything high in sugar and fat
  • Juice, soft drinks, cordials, sports drinks


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