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School Prep Programme

School Prep:

Transition to school is a partnership with you and the teachers in preparing your child for school. We will work alongside you to have the best possible outcome for your child.

Our aim is to prepare your child for formal schooling in a happy supportive way.

Thecentre has developed a programme that will focus on 8 specific areas that are essental to school success.

The 8 areas are:

  1. To develop self-confidence and self-esteem.
  2. To develop independence.
  3. To develop your child's ability to get along with others.
  4. To introduce your child to some formal routines.
  5. To develop fine motor skills.
  6. To develop your child's knowledge of the alphabet.
  7. To develop early-reading skills.
  8. To develop your child's mathematical knowledge.

We have developed a booklet that outlines our programme in more detail. This will be given to you when your child starts the programme.


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