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We provide excellent creche facilities in Porirua.

Testimonials about our Porirua Childcare and Creche

My wife and I have been extremely happy with the quality of care that both our children received while at Bronwyns Place. The team at Bronwyns Place have guided our children and provided them with the necessary communication, educational, and cultural skills that has seen them easily transition into school life.A & S Wilson

" I have put two children through All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) from when they were very young right through to when they turned 5.

The level of care staff have provided has been fantastic and this is credited to the fact that my children

looked forward to going each day.

The way Bronwyn runs the centre, the staff and processess in place is what makes this creche very successful."



" We have been with All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) for 6 years and all our children have attended both the infants and the pre-school. All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) is like a second home for our children, they love it so much they want to go on the weekends. The teachers are all very friendly and approachable and have created a very caring, nurtring and trusting environment for our children. Our girls look forward to the nature walks every week and I cannot emphasise enough the confidence, enjoyment, sense of community and adventures that they have gained from these experiences. The most valuable thing for us as a family is that our children are respected and treated as individuals while having a sense of family, friendship and community. Many thanks for allowing our children to grow and learn in this environment."

Tina and Ray Kearns

" We really enjoyed All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) looking after our baby. They provided excellent creche facilities while we worked in Porirua."


Thank you Everyone at All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) for being such a great teaching team for my daughter!

Everyone at All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) will always be remembered as Amania's first teachers and first crèche she went to.

I will never forget enrolling Amania at 15months old (She was my little baby and STILL IS) and now she is almost 4 wow how the time flies. Amania has truly blossomed at Bronwyns Place, I know that Amania will miss you all very much. Amania will miss Kapa haka, the nature walks,  her best friend Zara and so much more. 

Thank you all for allowing my Angel to express herself freely at All About Children (Formerly known as Bronwyn's Place) she is a real Diva!!

I am so thankful and grateful for all the love, nurturing, and attention you have given Amania over the years!  

 We will miss you all very much.

We will definitely keep in touch for sure!!!!!  

Lots of love, God bless Hope And Amania.. XOXO  Thank you all once again!

When my son started at Bronwyn’s Place, I think I was the one who was more scared! However, when it was time to go home, and he didn’t want to come with me, I knew I had made the right decision to send him there.

I loved that fact that the Team at Bronwyn’s were so down to earth! I also loved that the kids were taken out for the nature walks and even created artwork using the items found. My son’s imagination just flourished with the care and support given from the Team.

Thanks for all your help and support with my son!

Talia Smith


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